Monday, November 30, 2009

Pass & Stow.. NIKE Air Max 90 iD "P N S 09" & NIKE Air Morgan iD "So Fresh" by Krush Unit's Sev One

Sev One - one half of Krush Unit's superior production team and one of Pass & Stow's top notch employees (along side Biz Mighty) has designed a couple of NIKE iD's for Pass & Stow..

Sev One designed a NIKE Air Max 90 iD "P N S 09" for Pass & Stow.. $130

Sev also designed a NIKE Air Morgan iD "So Fresh" for Pass & Stow as well for $105..

Both custom Nike iDs can be ordered at the store or on our online store

** Sizes 4 thru 15.. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery!


dj emer said...

big ups sev

Anonymous said...

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